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About the Guild

The Guild’s work is to awaken the wisdom and passion that lives within us and strengthen the ability to make value-centered choices.  Working with archetypal psychology and the energies of spirituality, the Guild has for over sixty years helped individuals experience and articulate that inner knowing so it can find expression in the world.

The seminars of the Guild for Psychological Studies draw from sacred texts, mythology, the arts, literature, music, as well as science, nature, current events, and the wisdom in the body.  Two of its significant sources are the life and teachings of Jesus and the depth psychology of Carl Jung, though it benefits from wisdom keepers of many traditions.

We meet in small groups of about 10 to 20 people. We sit in a circle.  The leader offers a question drawn from the subject matter.  Someone has suggested that it acts like the clapper of a bell.  As it “strikes,” each participant “resonates” in his or her own way.  All responses are valued and may be spoken aloud.  As people listen to each other with respect and without argument, the resonances grow, and the “sound” in the circle deepens.  There is no expectation of consensus.  The talk is enriched by non-verbal expressions in art, movement, body awareness, and silence.

Our seminars are held in many locations, most often in the San Francisco Bay Area, though they are spreading to other states and abroad. Our traditional, and still primary, location for residential seminars is the wooded secluded grounds of Four Springs Seminars where cl

The Guild for Psychological Studies was founded by Elizabeth Boyden Howes, Sheila Moon, and Luella Sibbald.

Music arrives in the deep hum of river and wind through the forest, speaks through wave-lines in sunlight and in shimmer of wind rippling – until we too fuse with it, fairly humming its key and clef, swelling the chorus, ejoining its universal breadth. Cedric Wright Words of the Earth