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Mandala of Vajradhatu

Upcoming Seminars


A winter weekend

At Four Springs

Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2018

Step away from the racket.
Allow the breath to slow.
Listen to the dark.
Listen to the winter air.
Listen to the bare branches.
What do you hear?
Join us for a quiet winter
weekend of being, breathing and

There will be art materials
available, and opportunities for
Bring your journal.

Location: Four Springs, Middletown CA
Dates: November 30 at 7:30PM through December 2, 2018, at 1PM.
Presented by the Casting Seeds group: Hal Childs, Harry Henderson, Jennifer Morgan
Mansfield, Faith Mason, Patricia Calcagno Stenger.
Fees: $350 plus a nonrefundable deposit of $50. Scholarships are available.
Contact for more information: Hal Childs, 415-573-2469;
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The Stories We Tell

Dates: April 15 – 18, 2019
Location: Bishop’s Ranch
Healdsburg, CA
Leaders: Manuel Costa, M.A. LMFT
Jennifer Morgan Mansfield, M.A.
Patricia Calcagno Stenger, M.A. LMFT

(More details to come …)

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“New Records”

Would it be possible to transcend the theological and historical approaches to the Jesus story, and in the process, find a new story that creates us while
we ourselves are the story tellers? Perhaps we are the tail-eating serpent as we deconstruct ourselves and re-create ourselves in the midst of our unfolding stories. What new values are emerging in the 21 st century? Are the Records (the study of the historical gospel Jesus for truth relevant to us today)
dead or alive, or are they dead and alive?

In the fall of 2019 (Sept 27 – Oct 6), there will be a “new Records” seminar in which we will undertake such an exploration. Whether you have never been to a Records seminar or have been to many you are invited.

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