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Mandala of Vajradhatu

Upcoming Seminars

Upcoming Seminars

Sweet Darkness
A silent solstice retreat
December 1-3, 2017

When your eyes are tired
the world is tired also.
When your vision has gone
no part of the world can find you.
Time to go into the dark
where the night has eyes
to recognize its own.

~ David Whyte

The sun, through its growing absence, announces the darkening of winter. Is your vision of the world tired and bleak? Is vision gone? Time to go into the confines of aloneness, and recognize what is too small for you, and seek what brings you alive.

During this solstice seminar, we will immerse ourselves in “sweet darkness,” awaiting what looks back at us. What attitudes no longer fit, are in fact already outgrown? Is there a hidden vitality in the sweet darkness, ready to come home?

We will approach this darkness with seminar dialogue, art, music, movement, journaling and silence.

Offered by: The Casting Seeds Research Group

Dates: Friday, December 1, 2017 at 7:30 PM until Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 1 PM

Fee: $350 plus a nonrefundable deposit of $50. Scholarships are available.

To register, contact the Guild for Psychological Studies, PO Box 29385, San Francisco CA 94129-0385
Or register online with PayPal at http://guildsf.org/online-seminar-registration/

Nourishing the Soul, March 26 to 29 at Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg, California

We have been shipwrecked by a strange island, and though we’ve had to swim our way ashore through stormy seas, when we arrive, we find our clothes are as bright and neat and dry as when we first bought them. A new start, then. The island seems different to each of us. Our own natures make it so. It is full of strange noises, some sweet, some ominous, and full of strange creatures, from monster to mage. Our exploration of this magic place may be like walking around a labyrinth into the mystery that is ourselves.

The Tempest was written at the end of Shakespeare’s creative life when he was in full command of his creative powers. Its concerns are of beginnings and endings, but its emphasis is on ending and what that might mean. The choice for Prospero is between revenge or redemption. What is the more satisfying ending?

We will explore these mysteries through art, music, poetry, drama, and through the good talk that we have shared all these years.

Date: Monday, March 26 – 7:00pm – Thursday, March 29 – 12:00pm

Place: Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg.

Leaders: Maureen Draper, Nils Peterson, and Sue Renfrew.

Fees: $700, which includes $50.00 registration fee.

For further information contact George Stenger gastenger@comcast.net

To register or pay with PayPal, send to office@guildsf.org

SAVE THE DATE! JULY 7 – 15, 2018

2018 Guild for Transformational Studies Summer Seminar:
Roslyn Retreat Center
Richmond, Virginia

Every two years, Hal Childs (PhD, MDiv, MFT) and Patricia Stenger (MFT) from the Guild for Psychological Studies in California, guide a 9-day retreat through St. Mark’s Church on Capitol Hill. Between July 7 and July 15, the seminar for 2018 will explore Anxiety and Joy. These seminars are spiritual in nature rather than religious, honoring all who want to grow in their truth.

Anxiety steals the breath — it disorients us in the middle of the night or overwhelms us in the middle of normal daily activities.  We may feel powerless in its presence or embarrassed that the experience of anxiety compels us toward unwanted behaviors.  How are we to face anxiety and its manifestations?  What is anxiety and what does it have to tell us about itself?

Jakob Boehme says, “The Holy Spirit leads us by anxiety to a new birth.” What might this mean? Perhaps anxiety itself is the push of the new being.  What orientation of heart and mind might be needed to explore the creativity that is within anxiety? What might be the relationship between the disturbing symptoms we experience and freedom and joy?

In this seminar, we will use discussion, art, play dialogues, movement, music, silence and above all our own experience and self-reflection to explore what Soul/Life/Self has to teach us about the many sides of anxiety.  Participation in any of these activities is voluntary. There will be ample free time to explore, hike, and gather with other participants.

All applicants new to Guild seminars are asked to accompany their application with a letter stating why they wish to attend and any pertinent information about prior study and experience around spiritual issues. No prior experience is needed to attend. You are asked only to bring yourself to a circle of seekers to come to a fuller expression of your own truth.

For a registration form and additional information, please contact Susan Thompson at susanlynnthompson@gmail.com. We will accept 18 participants to keep the circle small and early registration ensures you have a spot. Partial scholarships are available. Please indicate your interest in a scholarship to both Betty Foster (bettywesfoster@earthlink.net) and Susan Thompson (susanlynnthompson@gmail.com).