The current issue of the Guild's journal enables readers to continue the exploration of the story of Jesus, illumined by the insights of analytical psychology. A collection of articles and creative writing devoted to addressing the needs of our times—social, psychological, and religious—with prime attention to the individual's quest for wholeness. This endeavor is based on the conviction that human consciousness must be raised if the planet is to endure and that what Jesus tried to convey 2,000 years ago, illumined by subsequent wisdom seekers, is essential to achieve that goal.

Titles included in this Volume are: “At the Intersection: The Oskar Schindler in Us;” “The Nothing is Older than God;” “Jesus and the Kingdom of God;” “The Aisle and the Nile;” “When There Is a Need for Hate;” Poetry of Nils Peterson; “Wry Slants on Straight Texts; Two Tales from the Journey;” “The One Who Fills the Skies with Light: A Parable.”

$10.00, Paper ISSN 1072-6226, 160 pages; 5½” x 8½”, 1997