By Sadie M. Gregory, Elizabeth Boyden Howes, and Dorothy Berkley Phillips

The Study Guide, as used with The Choice Is Always Ours, facilitates a serious study of the religious Way. The Guide enables one to answer such basic questions as: what the religious Way is; what its conditions are; what it implies about the nature of man, of God, of the universe; whether it really “works”; and if so, something of how it works religiously and psychologically.

The Choice is Always Ours was designed to help the seeker cut through theories about religion, set aside specified beliefs and dogmas for a time, and penetrate to the single core of the psychological-religious processes related to personal meaning and to Life itself.

The Study Guide may come to serve as a “fill-in” for a “religious director” aiding the individual seeking in solitude; for two or three seeking together; or for larger groups. Therefore, it has been found a helpful supplement to personal depth analysis and group therapy.