The Relationship of Astrology, C.G. Jung and the Gospels

By Luella Sibbald

The author shares a lifetime of study and experience working with the inter-connection between astrology, C.G. Jung, and the synoptic Gospels. She says, “I have found so many things Jung talked about carried the same essence of truth that many of Jesus' statements did. It also became evident the Aquarian person is not truly Aquarian in most cases without knowing about the whole psyche–conscious and unconscious.”

Beginning with an overall look at astrology and the Great Year of the Zodiac, Ms. Sibbald leads the reader through a closer examination of the Piscean Age from which we are emerging and the Aquarian Age into which we are entering. She then looks at many examples from the synoptic Gospels where Jesus is a paradigm of the Aquarian person. A final chapter provides insight into the value of the astrological chart in therapy.

$12.95  ISBN 0-917479-11-4, 1988
176 pages; 5″ x 8″