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  • By Sheila Moon A poetic and psychological study of the Navajo emergence myth, with emphasis on its relevance to the lives of contemporary men and women seeking spiritual growth. An engrossing analysis of the development of personality from birth to adult-consciousness, using the emergence myth as its touchstone and vehicle. Published by Wesleyan University Press, 1970 Re-issued by the Guild for Psychological Studies Publishing House, 1985 $7.95 Paper ISBN 0-917479-06-8 206 pages; 8-1/2" x 5-3/4"
  • By Sadie Gregory A collection of quotations from many sources for each day of any year, gathered by Sadie Gregory throughout her lifetime. Each page is headed by a quotation with space following for journal writing. Published as a tribute to the author, this rare calendar for meditations is a moving and helpful collection; for those who knew Sadie Gregory as well as those who didn't. $12 Hardcover 830 pages; 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
  • By Sadie Gregory A course guide to the study of selections from the Old Testament for individuals and groups. "How can a study of Old Testament material help modern individuals face life in an age of transitions?" asks Sadie Gregory in the introduction to this work. She goes on to say, "A living acquaintance with the great Yahweh-person encounters of the Old Testament can awaken one's heart to the possibility of deeper personal encounters with the Other." Here are 12 studies focusing on individuals (Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and others), cosmic myths, tales and songs. For each there are questions for discussion and suggestions for verbal and non-verbal activities. Published by the Guild for Psychological Studies, 1980 $5 Paper ISBN 0-917479-05-X 103 pages
  • By Mark Pelgrin Another powerful and moving account of one individual's quest for life and meaning in confrontation with physical death. Compiled and edited from the personal journals and lette