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  • By Henry Burton Sharman At long last, Records of the Life of Jesus is available in the Revised Standard Version translation of the synoptic Gospels. First published in 1917 using the English Revised Version, this valuable book places the Gospels of Matthew-Mark-Luke in parallel columns without displacement of order. It remains unique in the way it simplifies the process of comparison and understanding of texts. Also included, without comparison, is the Gospel of John. This new edition, besides being in the language of the Revised Standard Version, includes additional references to Hebrew Scriptures and extensive references to the Gospel of Thomas. $25.00 Hardcover; ISBN 0-917479-12-2; 264 pages; 8-1/2" x 11"
  • Edited by Dorothy Berkley Phillips, Elizabeth Boyden Howes and Lucille M. Nixon At Last! Return of The Choice! The classic anthology on the spiritual way, The Choice Is Always Ours, has been reprinted. For those of you unfamiliar with the volume, the quotation on the front cover from the New York Times is still apt: "An inspiring contribution to the instinctual spiritual revival of our day." First published fifty years ago, this beautiful, wise, and searching book--an exemplary guide to spiritual development--features several hundred carefully chosen selections from such writers as William Blake, Carl Jung, Paul Tillich, Lao Tzu, Henry Miller, T.S. Eliot, Nikos Kazantzakis, D.H. Lawrence, Oscar Wilde, Bertrand Russell, Rollo May, and many others. The price is $19.95. For ten or more books shipped to the same address, take a 10% discount. Also available is the Study Guide for $5.00.
  • By Sheila Moon Finally within one volume, a harvest of poems representing one facet of the versatile Sheila Moon - poet, analyst, educator, author of novels as well as works on psychology and religion. Through the collection of previously published poems, along with 29 new ones in a section entitled "Simple Road, Silent Door," she lets us venture into her richly imaged inner world as well as look out, though her eyes, to the world of Earth's natural "miracles" of seasons and creatures. Few other poets are as at home describing inner soul realities and outer natural ones with such insight, awe and consummate poetic skill. Published by Golden Quill Press, 1985 $17.00 Hardcover ISBN 0-8233-0414-0 407 pages; 5-1/2" x 8"