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  • By Elizabeth Boyden Howes Continuing her lifelong work exploring the God-human relationship and ways to bring it to bear on day-to-day transformative living, Elizabeth Boyden Howes has brought together collections of her lectures in Volumes I and II of Intersection and Beyond. These lectures delineate the thought and experience of a pioneer in the intersection of psychology and religion. Based on her many years of work as a leader of seminars on the life and teaching of Jesus and as a Jungian analyst, these books speak to individuals seeking a fresh direction as well as opportunities to bring concrete expression to forgiveness, renewal, relationship, and work. Vol. II $10.95 Paper ISBN 0-917479-07-6 150 pages; 5-1/2 x 8" Index, 1986
  • The first volume of Intersection, a journal published by the Guild for Psychological Studies, features articles on religion, psychology, mythology, the arts, and the environment. This publication provides an extension to the seminar process which has been offered by the Guild throughout the world for over fifty years. The focus of these seminars is to study the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, not with a Christian perspective but with an attempt to uncover what might have been his own religious experience and his own historical self-estimate. This study, enhanced by the psychology of C.G. Jung, provides a model for the self-realization of the individual in the context of the world. Titles included in this Volume are: "A Changing God Image;" "Jesus: Myth and History;" "Out of Darkness;" "Drama and Religious Dialogue;" and "Earth Brows of Such Care." Poetry by Joan Gibbons and works in progress inviting reader response are also part of the volume. $10.00, Paper ISSN 1072-6225, 160 pages; 5½” x 8½”, 1991
  • By Sheila Moon Deepest Roots is part of the Thunder in the Roots Trilogy What happens in the Great Land may be a paradigm for what could happen on earth, "If it is done with courage it leads a heart home." First published over 20 years ago by Atheneum Press, Knee Deep in Thunder and Hunt Down the Prize have been reprinted now together with the first printing of Deepest Roots. This third book in the trilogy continues Maris' adventures informed by Navajo mythology and a deep stream of age-old wisdom; but her problems and questions all belong to today. Originally written for young people, for whom Sheila Moon had a special interest, this trilogy will capture the imagination and enliven journeys of most adults. Deepest Roots There is joy in the trying, and the least one can do is try. $11.95 Paper ISBN 978-0-917479-10-6 240 pages; 6" x 9" Illustrations