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Upcoming Seminars

The Stories We Tell

April 15 – 18 , 2019
Bishop’s Ranch Healdsburg, CA

There are stories that reside within each of us. Perhaps they come into conversation as an anecdote or are retold around the holiday dinner table. They may be awakened by an image, song, or movie character. Often linked to experiences in the past, they seem to carry within them an indelible “truth” about who we are.

By the third grade, I realized that I was an odd duck.
Or, I came into a big family so I do well in groups.
Or, When my father died, I stopped believing in God.
Or, I am just not a creative person…

What are the stories that have formed our sense of self? How have they influenced us, possibly from behind the scenes? Perhaps we need to hear them through their own voices. Who or what authors our “history”? Do these stories have their own intentions? If so, do those intentions support or stifle the becoming of our true self?

In this seminar we will become our own listeners, allowing the stories to tell their own tales. Welcoming what has become history, we will invite Knowing to unfold itself through reflection, imagining, art, body awareness, and sharing. Through this process, space may be discovered that allows new and different stories, along with their insights, to emerge.

We listen for answers to the question: Who do I think I am?

Leaders: Manuel Costa, M.A. LMFT
Jennifer Morgan Mansfield, M.A.
Patricia Calcagno Stenger, M.A. LMFT
When: Mon, April 15 through
Thurs, April 18
Cost: $550.00 plus $50.00 registration
fee. Scholarships available.

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Wrestling with Truth

A seminar presented by the
Guild for Psychological Studies
September 28 – October 6, 2019

In our upside-down society, where media and technology are appropriating the whole world, and the very idea of truth is questioned, what will help us live meaningful lives in an age of pervasive anxiety?

Though it has waned and is no longer the guiding light of our civilization, the Judeo-Christian tradition has been the archetypal DNA of our collective soul. Unseen, it works still in the background of our lives.

After many decades of work with the historical Jesus, the Guild now turns its attention to consciousness, truth and the end of meaning. The death of God symbolizes a new status of consciousness that influences us all. What does the death of Meaning, a brand-new event in the history of the world, have to teach us?

What can we learn about what has happened to consciousness over the last three thousand years by taking a fresh psychological look at the Judeo-Christian tradition? How do Abraham, Moses, Job and Yahweh, along with Jesus Christ, illuminate the evolution of consciousness from a new soul perspective?

We will seek a new truth embedded in the teachings of Jesus that reflects the historical self-negating and self-transforming work of soul, which is truth ever recreating itself. As we wrestle with truth we wrestle with ourselves and engage with what is called soul-making, or making soul real.

The seminar process uses a modified Socratic method to guide group discussion. We honor the dignity of each individual to express themselves honestly and move at their own pace. Mutual respect will support us as we engage difficult truths and new perspectives.

Our work together will be enriched by the use of non-verbal approaches: meditation, expressive arts, music, body movement and awareness, and silence.

Special Note: All applicants, please include a letter stating your interest in attending this seminar. If you are new to the Guild’s work, please tell us a little about yourself and your psychological and spiritual journey.

Location: Four Springs, Middletown CA
Leaders: Hal Childs, PhD, MFT and Patricia Calcagno Stenger, MA, MFT

When: Saturday September 28 through Sunday October 6.
Fee: $1,495, plus a non-refundable fee of $50 with registration.
Scholarships and payment plans are available.
Contact for more information: Hal Childs, 415-573-2469;

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