Anxiety and Joy

 June 27 – July 2, 2017

Anxiety is no stranger to many of us. It can steal the breath. It can disorient in the middle of the night or overwhelm in the midst of normal daily activities. We may feel powerless in its presence or embarrassed that it compels us toward unwanted behaviors.What is anxiety and what does it tell us about itself? What is required of us to face it and its multiple manifestations?

Jakob Boehme says, “The Holy Spirit leads us by anxiety to a new birth.” What might this mean? Perhaps anxiety itself is the push of something new that wants to come into being. What orientation of heart and mind might be needed to explore the creativity that is hidden within anxiety? How might the disturbing symptoms we experience lead to greater freedom and joy?

In this seminar, we will use discussion, art, play dialogues, movement, music, silence and above all our own experience and self-reflection to explore what Soul/Life/Self has to teach us about the many sides of anxiety.

Manuel Costa, MA MFT
Jennifer Larson MA
Patricia Calcagno Stenger, MA MFT

The Angela Center, Santa Rosa CA

$1,100 + $50.00 registration if application is received before February 27, 2017
$1.200 + $50.00 registration if application is received after February 26, 2017

For more information about the seminar please contact Patricia Stenger at or 707-537-1511
For information about scholarships, please contact Manuel Costa at or 408-266-2084.

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